Apink’s Eunji Releases Second Teaser Video for ‘Hopefully Sky’

Jung Eunji‘s solo debut is just days away, and now the singer is giving us an inside look at the song’s message.

The Apink member has just released a new teaser for her upcoming single, “Hopefully Sky,” in which she talks about how as a small child, she remembered waking up to the sound of rattling dishes early in the morning as her father headed off to work. Because she felt bad that her father had to work so hard and leave so early every day, Eunji explains that she would fall asleep by the door waiting for him.

Based on the teaser, it seems like the song will be a nostalgic ballad in which Eunji shares her own experiences to the listener.

Take a look at the new teaser video below, and be sure to stick around MoonROK for Eunji’s April 18 debut as a solo artist.


Source: 1theK

All visual and audio media courtesy of 1theK
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