Apink’s Bomi to Join ‘Real Men’ Female Special

It has just been announced that Apink member Bomi will be joining the cast of the female special episode of “Real Men.”

Apink has expressed high interest in participating in the program, in their most recent interview stating, “In the female special episode of ‘Real Men,’ we saw that Hyeri had an Apink sticker on her water purifier and we felt bad. We understood it as them letting us know that we should go out on the show. If we had seen another team’s sticker put on there, we probably would have said ‘put ours on there too.'”

Apink specifically recommeneded Bomi for the show, saying, “We recommend Bomi [for ‘Real Men’]. When she cries it’s really intense. Even though she’s tough she’s also really soft. So even if she cries it seems like she’ll do well. It seems like military training will be really hard, especially in the winter, but if it’s Bomi, it seems like she’ll stick it out to the end.”

It would appear that the members of Apink were correct, as Bomi has officially been cast for the show.

Filming for the episode begins on January 12, so be on the lookout for the episode soon.


Source: Ilgan Sports

Image courtesy of Ilgan Sports
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