Apink Charts Well in Japan with ‘Summer Time’

That Japanese market can often be a tough nut to crack for Kpop groups, but Apink has proven once again that they’ve got what it takes to do so.

The group placed 2nd on the Oricon Weekly Chart with their newest Japanese single “Summer Time”.

The new album, which dropped on August 3rd, climbed up to the No.2 spot on the weekly chart after achieving No.3 on Oricon Daily Chart upon its release. It seems “Summer Time” is continuing Apink’s winning streak set by the group’s previous Japanese releases, including “Mr.Chu” and “LUV”, also marking the group’s 7th album to reach the Top 5 on teh Oricon chart in the last two years. 

The early sales number of the full album through preorder also reached 25,000 copies, further solidifying Apink’s success in Japan.


Source: Sports Seoul

Image courtesy of Apink Official
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