‘Animals’ to Prematurely Cease Segment with Chinese Panda Triplets

It has just been announced that the MBC variety show ‘Animals’ will no longer be working together with the triplet pandas at the Guangzhou zoo.

The cease in filming has been ordered by Chinese officials and is reportedly due to an emergency-level infectious disease.

The pandas have apparently contracted a bad case of the measles which could be potentially fatal to the triplet cubs, and as a result it was ultimately decided that filming should stop in order to best protect the health of the pandas.

Though it is indeed unfortunate, it seems that the February 8 episode of “Animals” will remain the last in which the pandas appear alongside Girls’ Generation member Yuri and g.o.d member Joon as well as the other cast members.

It has not yet been announced what animals Yuri, Joon, and the rest of the panda crew will be working with instead or if they will continue with the show, so stay tuned to moonROK as the story continues to develop.


Source: StarNews

Image courtesy of MBC
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