Amber Reveals How Taeyeon Ended Up Featuring on ‘Shake That Brass’

On February 12, f(x) member Amber revealed her new single, “Shake That Brass” for the first time on the radio program, “Cultwo Show.”

“Shake That Brass” features Girls’ Generation‘s lead singer Taeyeon, so the show’s host asked Amber, “Did Taeyeon willingly help you?” The Korean word for “willingly” is pronounced “heun-kwae-hee,” and upon hearing the question, Amber responded, “Heun-khwee? What is heun-khwee?” evoking laughter from everyone in the studio.

After an explanation of the word, Amber responded to the question saying, “I just called [Taeyeon] unnie and asked if she would do it, and she said she would do it for me.”

The hosts then responded, “You didn’t ask your company?” to which Amber responded, “Taeyeon unnie can do whatever she wants.”

Amber’s debut solo single “Shake That Brass” and mini album “Beautiful” drop on February 13, so be sure to stay tuned to moonROK for more details on her solo debut.


Source: Top Star News

Image courtesy of Cultwo Show
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