Afterschool’s Raina to Make Solo Comeback as Singer-Songwriter

Raina is coming back with a brand new song in just two days.

The Afterschool member has just announced that she will be making a solo comeback with a self-written and self-produced digital single entitled “I Don’t Know” (translated title).

A representative from Raina’s agency stated today, “Raina, who has received a lot of love working with great partners on ‘A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness’ and ‘Allday Allnight’, came back having her musical color and vocal skills acknowledged.”

The rep continued, “Through the song ‘I Don’t Know’, which was written and composed by Raina herself, Raina will begin as a singer-songwriter.”

Raina’s new single is set to drop on November 24, so be sure to hang tight for the release!


Source: NoCut News

Image courtesy of Pledis Entertainment
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