Afterschool’s Lizzy to Make Solo Debut on January 17

After announcing her solo debut a few weeks ago, Afterschool and Orange Caramel member Lizzy has just confirmed that her comeback will take place on January 17.

Lizzy’s first solo single will be titled, “I’m Not an Easy Girl,” and according to Pledis Entertainment, “Since last year, media outlets have been steadily reporting Lizzy’s solo debut plans, and on January 17 Lizzy will become the first idol to make her solo debut on the KBS show ‘National Singing Contest.'”

Lizzy will be the second member of a female girl group to appear on the show, preceeded only by Crayon Pop.

While Lizzy will be making her broadcast debut on the 17th, her digital single album will not drop until January 23rd, so be sure to stay tuned to moonROK for more updates on Lizzy’s solo debut.


Source: 10asia

Image courtesy of Pledis Entertainment
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