These Are All the Idols Taking (or Skipping) College Entrance Exams Tomorrow

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Tomorrow is a big, big day in Korea.

The college entrance exam is considered the most important test Korean students will ever take in their lives. Similar to the SAT Exams, the test determines which colleges Korean students can gain admittance to, but unlike the SATs, universities in Korea establish hard cutoffs for scores. This means that if you don’t get above a certain score, some universities will not even consider you for admittance. To make matters worse, you can only take the exam once a year.

As a result of all these conditions, a massive amount of pressure is placed on students to do well on their college entrance exams, as they more or less determine their academic and professional fate in Korea. Korean students study their entire young lives for the test, and all that studying leads up to the national exam which takes place tomorrow.

Oftentimes idols choose to forgo their college entrance exams, having already established careers in the entertainment field. The idols who will not be sitting for the college entrance exams this year are: Lovelyz’s Jeong Yein, Pledis Girls members Jeong Eunwoo, Kang Yebin and Pinky (also in I.O.I), BTS member Jungkook, SEVENTEEN’s Seunggwan, UP10TION’s Shao, Astro’s Moonbin and Rocky, IMFACT’s Woongjae and Sam Kim.

Meanwhile, there are also many idols in their fourth year of high school, who despite their busy schedules, sit for the exam. Tomorrow students born in 1998 will be taking the exam, and among those students are some of our favorite ’98 line idols including: TWICE’s Dahyun, GFRIEND’s ShinB and Umji, UP10TION’s Hwanhee and Wei (’96 line, late exam), April’s Chaewon, CLC’s Yeeun, SEVENTEEN’s Dino, Pentagon’s Jeong Wooseok, WJSN’s Eunseo, High Teen’s Eunjin and Hyeju, A.DE’s Haeyoung and Choyoon, and Super Star K’s Song Yuvin.

Best of luck to all of the Kpop idols taking their college entrance exams tomorrow! Be sure to show your support in the comments below and on social media!


Source: BNT, Sports Kyunghyang

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