4MINUTE Confirms February Comeback

Earlier, girl group 4MINUTE has just released a mysterious teaser entitled “Revamped.”

The teaser shows a small pearl rising out of the ocean, which then cracks open to reveal 4MINUTE’s logo.

The teaser then goes dark and reveals the words, “4MINUTE REVAMPED 9.” The number 9 could be alluding to a new album, as the group has had 8 albums so far including their EPs and compilation album.

Just now, 4MINUTE’s agency Cube Entertainment has announced, “[The group] is currently in the midst of preparing for a February comeback with an experimental and unusual double title song. Like they did in 2011 with “Mirror Mirror” and “Heart to Heart,” 4MINUTE will once again release of double title songs, showing a never-before-seen side of the group.”

Check out the mysterious teaser below, and stay tuned to moonROK for more updates on 4MINUTE’s impending comeback.


Source: Cube Entertainment, Xports News

All visual and audio media courtesy of Cube Entertainment
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