4MEN’s Shin Yongjae to Release Solo Project This Year

According to many music officials, 4MEN’s Shin Yongjae’s solo project is in full swing. He plans to captivate listeners through his sorrowful and emotional music.

As this is Shin Yongjae’s first solo project since 4MEN reorganized into a duo, there are rumors that he is putting more into this project than he ever has before. He actually  had plans to go to New York this week for the project’s jacket shooting, but in order to make everything perfect, he delayed his schedules.

In 2012, Shin Yongjae released his first album “24,” which received a lot of love. In the following year, he succeeded with an all-kill for his solo project “You’re All Talk.”

A music distributing official stated, “We have yet to receive news on when he will release this new project. No matter how late, he plans on releasing it this year.”  He continued, “Even on our end, we are highly anticipating this new album.” 


Source: Herald Pop

Courtesy of YWHO Enterprise
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