2PM’s Jun.K Participates in Japanese Top Star Yamashita Tomohisa’s New Album

It has just been revealed that 2PM member Jun.K participated in the production of Japan’s top artist Yamashita Tomohisa’s new album.

A JYP Entertainment representative said on September 17th that “Jun.K’s talents as a producer were proven when he participated in Japanese top artist’s Yamashita Tomohisa’s new album.”

Jun.K composed and Yamashita Tomohisa wrote the lyrics for the song “Brodiaea,” which will be included on Yamashita Tomohisa’s new album “YOU,” to go on sale on October 8th.

Yamashita Tomohisa, nicknamed “Yamapi,” is a top actor and singer in Japan, who is popular in Korea as well.

Jun.K has been receiving a lot of attention for producing, writing, and composing “GO CRAZY! (Midare Temina),” which is the title song for 2PM’s 4th official album in Korea and their 8th single album in Japan. 

Furthermore, Jun.K has previously demonstrated his skills by producing, writing, and composing every song in his own solo album “LOVE&HATE,” which rose to the number 1 position on the Oricon chart last May. He is also producing a song “SO LUCKY” for fellow JYP group GOT7‘s single album “AROUND THE WORLD,” their debut album in Japan, to go on sale on October 22. 

2PM was met with explosive reception after they released the 8th single album in Japan, “Midare Temina,” on September 17th.


Source: Xsports News

Image courtesy of JYP Entertainment
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