2AM to Make Comeback in October

2AM plans to make their comeback this fall. It’s been a year since their last album “Nocturne,” which released last November. Jo Gyu-man, who sang the popular ballad “I’ll Give You Everything,” will write the title track of their new album. The song is anticipated to be a harmony of 2AM’s unique vocals and Jo Gyu-man’s emotional ballads.

This comeback will be a treat for fans, as they held no group promotions for their previous mini-album “Nocturne.” During that time, each member was busy with their own individual activities: Changmin sang as part of musical duo Homme, Jo Kwon participated in musicals and Seulong and Jinwoon acted in various dramas. Finally after one year, the group will come together to release this album and actively promote it on music shows.

Up until the last album, 2AM has released their music under BigHit Entertainment, but their new album will be produced under JYP Entertainment. For this album, JYP will be in charge of everything from planning to promotion and management. Since April, all of the members except for Changmin have transferred to JYP. As Changmin was promoting with Homme, he decided to stay a bit longer at BigHit Entertainment.


Source: Ilgan Sports

Courtesy of BigHit Entertainment
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