2AM Jinwoon Paired with Apink Eunji on ‘Dating Alone’

2AM‘s Jinwoon has become Apink‘s Eun-ji‘s partner on the show “Dating Alone.”

JTBC stated on the 22nd that Jinwoon will appear as the first male guest on the program “Dating Alone,” and will enjoy virtual reality dating with Jung Eun-ji and the emcees.

According to JTBC’s producers, at the first recording of “Dating Alone,” Jinwoon was happy to hear that his virtual reality date would be with Jung Eun-ji. After the virtual dating began and Jinwoon was quizzed on matters concerning his girlfriend, he stated, “It’s not as easy as I thought it would be.”

After the shoot was over, Jinwoon stated, “The program is much more fun than I had expected. I think I have fallen for the charm of virtual reality dating. Can’t I be a permanent cast on the show?”


Source: StarNews

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