14 Songs Including JYJ, Hyuna, Yenny are Banned from Broadcast by KBS

JYJ, Hyuna, Yenny, and other popular singers had their recently released songs banned from broadcast by KBS.

On the 6th, KBS held a hearing and found JYJ’s new title song, “Back Seat,” from their second album Just Us, Hyuna’s “Blacklist” and “French Kiss” from her third solo album A Talk, Ha:tfelt’s “Bond” from her first solo album Me? and ten other songs unfit for broadcast.

JYJ’s “Back Seat” was found to have unsuitable lyrics. The line “Put you on the backseat” brings to mind an intimate situation between a man and a woman. Hyuna’s “French Kiss” has the line “Do it,” which brings about much the same imagery.

Hyuna’s “Blacklist” has both cusswords and vulgar expressions. The song includes such language as, “Hey don’t fall asleep, don’t roll your eyes/
Don’t f*****g shake your feet.” Yenny’s song “Bond” was banned for using such English swear words as “God damn.”

Besides these, KBS also ruled that Unchained’s “Fly” and “Tattletale” and the blatant product placement in Rose Inn’s “Not My Style” were not conducive to a wholesome and healthy growing environment for children.

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