10cm to Release 3rd Album

After 2 years, folk duo 10cm will make its comeback with a third album. On November 18th, 10cm held a showcase at Happy Theater in Daehakno for its upcoming album titled “3.0.”

After 10cm’s Kwon Jung Yeol performed the first song “The Great Burdens of the 3rd Album” at the showcase, he explained, “This is a song that shows our desire to succeed, the sincerity behind not releasing all the songs we’ve made during this time.” The upbeat track has a catchy melody and features lyrics on the struggles of creating fresh, appealing music.

The title track of the upcoming album is “Missing You,” which is about quietly cherishing a past love. On November 19th, 10cm will release its third full-length album “3.0” on online music sites and also plan to do promotions for this album.

Check out 10cm’s performance of their new song “The Great Burdens of the 3rd Album” below!


Source: 10asia


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