Zico Talks Openly About Relationship with Seolhyun on ‘Radio Star’

The Korean TV program Radio Star is notorious for not beating around the bush when it comes to asking idols the tough questions.

How the producers have the foresight to book stars in the midst of controversy we know not, but Zico, who’s relationship with Seolhyun was recently outed, made an appearance on the show shortly after the news broke.

When asked about their relationship on the show, Zico responded, “We had a relationship as junior-seniors who just knew each other, but after cautiously contacting one another, it wasn’t that way anymore. Without any specific reason, we developed feelings for one another and began our relationship.”

When asked by Gray if they had a push-pull flirtation, Zico responded, “What? Personally I’m not the type to do push-pull,” continuing, “When I’m working, I can’t read my messages. I read them as soon as I’m done. I think that it’s right that we be careful in all aspects.”

Zico also discussed what it was like before the relationship was confirmed by the media and his Seolhyun’s representatives, saying, “Of course we heard rumors from our friends. I figured [the reports] would come out eventually, but I had no idea it would be so sudden.”

Zico continued, “I was so embarrassed. [The article came out] as soon as I arrived in Japan, and as soon as I woke up I got a call from my company director saying, ‘Jiho-ya, an article came out,’ which was embarrassing.”

Zico and Seolhyun’s relationship was reported by the Korean media in early August, and was confirmed by both artists’ agencies shortly after. The two have been dating since approximately May of this year.


Source: MyDaily, Korea Economy

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