ZE:A’s Siwan to Star Alongside Kang Sora and Lee Sungmin in “Misaeng” – First Episode to Air in October

ZE:A‘s Siwan is set to star alongside Kang Sora and Lee Sungmin in tvN’s new drama “Misaeng.”

According to a report from the broadcast industry on July 1, Siwan, Kang Sora, and Lee Sungmin will play the roles of Jang Geurae, Ahn Young-ee, and Chief Oh, respectively. It is known that the three actors are in the final stages of harmonization as they prepare for “Misaeng.” 

“Misaeng” illustrates the days of Jang Geurae (Siwan’s role), who only has a high school degree and made Baduk (a traditional Korean game) his life; he fails to gain admission to the pro league, starts as an intern at a general trading company, and adjusts into a position of a contract employee. 

Previously, Siwan has assumed the role of the main character Jang Geurae in the prequel drama “Misaeng” and started his relationship with the production team.

Siwan’s agency Star Empire and Kang Sora’s agency Will Entertainment said that they “have received and are reviewing the proposal for appearance in ‘Misaeng.'” 

The drama is based on the Internet cartoon of the same title by Yoon Taeho, and is a cooperative production by producer Kim Wonsuk, who directed “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and “Monstar,” and by writer Jung Yoonjung, who wrote “The Story of the District Magistrate Arang” and “Monstar.”

“Misaeng” will air in October as a sequel to the tvN drama “Nine Boy,” and it will on Fridays and Saturdays.


Source: OSEN

Image courtesy of OSEN
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