ZE:A’s Siwan Confesses He Worried About His Singing Career

Siwan of ZE:A has recently expressed that he was under stress about the future of his career.

At a December 26th press conference for his drama “Misaeng,” Siwan stated, “While living as a singer, I’ve had some serious concerns about my working career.”

Siwan continued, “As a trainee, I lived wanting only to work as hard as possible. However, even as I worked hard, there were certain things that didn’t happen for me. As a trainee and even promoting as a singer, I worried if I should start another career.”

Siwan closed his statement out by saying, “Now when thinking of starting another career, I have no confidence. Therefore I am so grateful to have been given the circumstances that I am in, and I will work my hardest to live well.”

Siwan’s drama “Misaeng” recently aired its last episode on December 20th, after receiving positive reviews from both Korea and abroad.


Source: Star News

Image courtesy of Star News
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