ZE:A’s Park Hyungsik Secretly Pays for Soldiers’ Meals, Soldier Writes Thank You Note

Recently word has been spreading around the internet that Hyungsik of ZE:A paid for the meal of a group of soldiers on break.

On the 28th, one of the soldiers uploaded a blog post with the following message: “Hello, I am a 22-year-old soldier. Since we had a break today (July 28th), all the men went out to eat. We all went out to eat lunch at a restaurant, and Hyungsik and Kwanghee from ZE:A were sitting a few tables over from us. Because we were amazed by them, we were kind of glimpsing over at their table. At this point we were almost done eating, and we were getting ready to pay the bill and leave, when an employee told us that someone had already paid our bill.”

The post continues, “No one in our group had paid, so we asked who paid the bill and the employee responded that someone named Park Hyungsik had paid for us and left a note. On the note was written, ‘You have had a hard time, stay strong.’ Because we were so thankful for the food and note, I decided to upload this post. Please spread the word around to others.”

The soldier finished out the post with a PS, saying, “Thank you for today Hyungsik hyung. Through the strength you’ve given me I will serve the rest of my time in the army healthily and whole-heartedly.”

What a fantastic gesture by Hyungsik; he managed to completely brighten someone’s day and give them strength through his kindness. We hope that everyone will take a page out of Hyungsik’s book by spreading kindness and strength to others.


Source: Star News

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  1. Natasha~ 8 years ago
    Good guy Hyungsik *thumbs up*
  2. Kel 5 years ago

    HyungSik…amazing dancer, singer, and actor with a good heart

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