ZE:A’s Contract with Star Empire Expires, No Firm Decision on Disbandment or New Agencies Yet

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Image courtesy of Star Empire Entertainment

It has just been announced that ZE:A’s contracts with Star Empire Entertainment have officially expired.

The agency has just made a statement confirming that though their contracts have expired, because the members have not yet signed with another agency and is still in discussion about what’s next, they will still take care of the group’s current schedules.

Below is the full statement from Star Empire Entertainment:

Hello, this is Star Empire Entertainment.

This is an official statement concerning the expiration of ZE:A’s group contract.

As of January 6, 2017, ZE:A, who spent 7 years together with us, has completed their exclusive contract.

ZE:A is currently busy with various activities and fixed variety program schedules, and members Kim Taeheon and Ha Minwoo are serving in the army.

Though their exclusive contracts have expired, until they have decided their position [on next steps], Star Empire Entertainment will take care of the group’s management, promotions, and marketing for their current schedules and activities. We are trying our best to cooperate in order for ZE:A to advance in each of their fields, and will set aside a bit more time to discuss their next moves.

We ask that moving forward you will continuously give your interest and love to ZE:A.

Thank you.


It seems that whether ZE:A will stay together or disband is still up in the air, as is whether or not the whole group (or even any members) will stay with Star Empire Entertainment.

moonROK will have all the details on this story as it continues to break, so stay tuned.


Source: Star News

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