Yoona Brings in Over 20 Million Viewers During Weibo Live Stream

Image courtesy of Newsis

Over the past year or so Girls’ Generation member Yoona has been very active in China, and apparently it’s paid off in popularity points.

On January 6, Yoona hosted a live stream on the popular Chinese social networking platform Weibo and brought in over 20 million viewers in real time, breaking the record for the highest number of viewers for any Korean celebrity ever.

A representative from SM Entertainment made the following statement today: “On December 9 of last year, Yoona broke the record for the most viewed broadcast in history for any Korean artist, surpassing 19 million viewers, and now she’s broken her own record just a month later.”

Despite current tensions between Kpop and the Chinese market, it seems that Yoona’s popularity with Chinese viewers is undeniable.


Source: Newsis

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