Yoon Jong Shin and Jo Young Chul to Work Together: Mystic89 and APOP Entertainment Merge

Yoon Jong Shin and Cho Young Chul will combine forces. 

At 2 p.m. on July 2, Mystic89, which is led by producer and singer Yoon Jong Shin, announced that it will merge with APOP Entertainment, for which producer Jo Young Chul is serving as representative.

Mystic89 is an agency that is home to Hareem, Jo Jung Chi, Park Ji-yoon, Kim Yeon-woo, Lim Kim, Eddie Kim, Jang Jae-in, Pure Kim, Muzi and more. Broadcaster Park Ji-yoon and Lee Ji-yoon also belong to the agency and are acting as emcees. Earlier this year, it grew as a comprehensive entertainment company as it merged with Family Actors Entertainment, which houses Han Chae-ah, Oh Ji-eun, Shin Soyul, Park Hyuk-kwon, Kim Ki-bang, Ahn Mina, Ha Jae-sook, Kim Sa-kwon, Kim Jung-heon, and Yoo Joo-hye.

APOP Entertainment has Jo Young Chul has its pillar, who produced Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra,” IU’s “Good Day,” “You and I,” “The Red Shoes,” Ga In’s “Bloom” and more. The company has blurred the boundaries between idols and artists and created content that is both high quality and trendy. It currently represents singers Ga In and Jo Hyung Woo, star composers Lee Min-soo and G Gorilla, and star lyricist Kim Ina. 

The current merger is the first step being taken by Mystic89, which announced its intent to implement a “label system.” The two companies plan to respect each other’s character and act “separately but together.”

Mystic89 revealed that it will “continue to advance together with labels that share the same goals and maximize each other’s strengths by consulting with each other on content design, production, marketing, and management.”

Yoon Jong Shin stated that “the two companies share that they have been creating content that has a high level of completion and uniqueness. They have been watching each other’s activity closely and considering the possibility of cooperation, and decided that there would be immensely great synergy if they work together and become family.”

The two companies are planning to unveil their joint project soon.


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Image courtesy of Mystic89
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