YG Teases Release Date for Mino, No Date Confirmed for Bobby Yet

YG has sent fans around the teaser block more than a few times, but the company’s latest teasing session is exceptionally mystifying.

The agency has confirmed multiple times that WINNER member Mino and iKON member Bobby would be releasing material as a unit, and now the two are being simultaneously teased separately.

YG has been releasing alternating teaser images of Mino and Bobby never showing the two together, leaving many wondering whether they’ll be promoting as a unit or separately.

Today was no exception, as YG has just released a teaser image of Mino with a release date of September 8.

No date has been confirmed for Bobby’s release yet, and unit enthusiasts can only hope that it will be the same.

Check out Mino’s newest teaser image in full below, and stick around moonROK for more updates on the upcoming releases from the two YG artists (whether together or separate).


Source: YG Entertainment

Image courtesy of YG Entertainment
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