YG, CL, Dara, Taeyang, and GD Upload Scrambled Puzzle Pieces to Reveal #WHOSNEXT

YG Entertainment recently released a teaser image stating that a YG artist would be releasing something on November 21 with their usual tagline, #WHOSNEXT.

Both Korean and international media outlets widely speculated that due to the fact that the comeback date was set for the 21st, 2NE1 would be next.

However, this may not be the case.

Fans are speculating that there might be a new YG unit in formation.

Just minutes ago BIGBANG members GD and Taeyang, 2NE1 member CL and Dara, and papa YG (Yang Hyun Suk) himself all released scrambled letters on their instagram accounts. In each of their posts, the artists tag only one another rather than all members of their respective groups, leading many to believe that we might have a co-ed unit upon us.

So far, the message has not officially been decoded by YG, but many fans are speculating that the letters come together to spell out “HELLO BI+CHES”, and could possibly be the name of the single that’s dropping featuring CL, Dara, GD, Taeyang, and may even mark the return of former Seo Taiji and The Boys member and YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk himself.

Check out all of the teaser letters below and see if you can solve the #WHOSNEXT puzzle.


Source: YG Entertainment, CL’s Instagram, Taeyang’s Instagram, G-Dragon’s Instagram, Dara’s Instagram, Twitter User @AngieeAsahina

Images courtesy of their respective owners
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