YG Announces Black Pink, Releases Group Teaser Photos

YG has announced that the name of their new girl group will be Black Pink.

Following the individual teasers released in the weeks before, on June 29th, YG finally revealed group photos of Black Pink in different concepts, showcasing the girls’ various charms. The finalized list includes four members – Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rose, contrary to YG’s original plan of having nine members.

Regarding the unique group name, YG representative explained that “Black Pink” implies both the girls’ visual and talent—while pink is considered the prettiest color, the girls are not only pretty but also talented.

In response to some reports yesterday that another new girl group is also in preparation for debut, YG replies “We do not yet have plan for the second new girl group”. The agency further explained “Even though there are reports that a new team will be formed—either with the remaining five original members, or with other YG trainees, nothing has been decided yet.” Also, “since Black Pink is the first YG girl group to debut in 7 years, we will first and foremost focus on making their debut successful.”

Set to debut at the end of July, Black Pink is aiming to release three music videos, choreographed by famous foreign choreographers, with music produced by YG’s main producer Teddy. Their debut album is said to be at the final stage of preparation.



Source: StarNews, YG LIFE

All visual media courtesy of YG Entertainment
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