YG Announces Big Bang Comeback

YG Entertainment‘s star group Big Bang will be making their first comeback in three years.

A YG representative said, “Big Bang has already begun preparing for the new album, and all five members have been devoting their time at the office working on it.

“Even though the members have all been busy with their own domestic and overseas activities,  each of them has been working on music in their spare time, and so will be ready for the comeback even sooner than expected.”

It seems that each member is very interested in returning to the music scene quickly.

After successfully finishing off their Big Bang Japan Dome Tour 2014-2015 last month, the company promised the long awaited comeback by summer of 2015.

Another YG representative stated, “Big Bang’s comeback is very important to us right now, as it has been a long time since the last album and we know the fans have been waiting patiently.  You can expect greater and higher quality music this time.”

The members have been seperately distinguishing themselves in the entertainment field with solo and unit songs and musical stage acting.


Source: MK Business News

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