Yang Hyun Suk Makes Personal Statement On Park Bom’s Amphetamine Controversy

YG himself has just released an official statement on the topic of 2NE1 member Park Bom’s rumored attempt to smuggle amphetamines into Korea from abroad.

The statement reads:


“Hello, this is Yang Hyun Suk. 

I would like to give you a brief explanation for the misguided articles that suddenly appeared last night.


Why explain with Representative Yang’s words instead of YG’s official statement? 

To be exact, the matters of the recent articles are from 4 years ago. Back then, Park Bom’s parents visited me and told only me about the issue in addition to the fact that their family was investigated and that Park Bom endured a terrible incident in the past and has a medical history–so until the articles were released, none of the YG members and of course even 2NE1 members knew anything.

Therefore, I judged that it would be right to offer an explanation with my words, since I was told the story personally, instead of with an official statement from YG representative, who would not know the situation well.


How do you feel about the articles as producer? 

If I include the trainee period, it has been 9 years since I have worked with 2NE1.
From what I have seen for the 9 years, none of the 2NE1 members smoke, drink much, or go clubbing for reasons besides official events. 
This is all true, at least as far as I know, and I have not heard any rumors regarding those habits.

Then, the Park Bom I knew became a “drug dealer” within a day due to a headline.

I am so dumbfounded by the absurdity that I am at a loss of words.
Do I even need to explain something that outrageous? Would I not simply feed the scandal? These were some of my concerns.

Yet, I don’t think it is the best for me to silently watch over Park Bom, who was ridiculously labeled as a drug dealer within a day, who is like a younger sister to me, especially when I think about the numerous fans of 2NE1 who are currently proceeding with a world tour.


What is the truth?

As all fans know, Park Bom lived in the United States for a long time before her debut as a member of 2NE1, and once fostered a dream of becoming a soccer player. Unfortunately, she witnessed one of her close friends pass away due to an accident during a soccer game, and afterwards, Park Bom had to go through a rough period of devastation and shock that was too difficult for her at such a young age to manage. Since then she has been receiving psychiatric counsel and psychological treatment simultaneously, and has been regularly taking a medication officially prescribed by a well-known university hospital in the United States.

After the accident, Park Bom could not play soccer anymore and changed her dream to that of a career in singing. Then she boldly came to Korea and auditioned at YG, and I remember that day vividly. The reason I remember Park Bom out of countless auditioning candidates is because as soon as she saw me, she daringly said that she “will not become a singer if not in YG.” 

I think my memory of Park Bom is special because she was rejected at that audition, and was rejected again the next year, but in her third year, out of thousands of people, she came in first place. 

The reason I’m telling you all of these seemingly irrelevant facts, is that even though the first time I met Park Bom was 11 years ago, I did not know about the fact that she played soccer or anything about her medical history until her father told me 4 years ago. Also, since she never mentioned a word to even the 2NE1 members, it is evident that it is a painful memory that Park Bom would rather not relive. 

It is now a situation in which I must tell you: until 4 years ago, Park Bom has been taking the medication officially prescribed by the American university hospital for many years, but since she could not go to the United States due to her busy schedule, her mother and grandmother have been receiving the medication for her prescribed by the same hospital via mail. The process became a problem in customs because the medication is prohibited in Korea.

Thankfully, we were forwarded all the medical reports and prescription records of the last few years from the American university hospital, and submitted them during investigation. All evidence and circumstances were approved and the case has closed.


Are you aware of the rumor that the medication contains narcotics? 

Logically, what kind of mother or grandmother would obtain narcotics for her daughter or granddaughter? Also, most medication these days can only be received through a doctor’s prescription; how many people know the components of their medication?

As I revealed on the show “Healing Camp” a few years ago, I have to keep and consume every day sedatives due to my recurring panic disorder. Still, I am not curious about what the medication is made of, and even if I heard it, I would not understand.

I believe Park Bom only thought that the medication that she has been taking for a few years in the United States is not available in Korea, and did not realize that it had an import prohibition.

After she found out through the investigation 4 years ago, she switched to another medication through a Korean university hospital and has been taking that.

As she is maintaining a busy schedule due to the world tour, I myself had not seen Park Bom for a while. For the first time in a long while, she came to the office last night to record, and that was when the articles came out. I had to watch her cry the whole night, and now that I am facing a situation in which I need to talk about the past that she did not want to reveal, I also feel anxious.

I want to give my deepest apologies and to the many who were concerned, and with that will end my letter.

You will hear from us again with happy news. Thank you.

2014. 07 .01


Yang Hyun Suk”


What do you guys think about the recent events surrounding Park Bom’s situation?

Image courtesy of YG Entertainment
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