WJSN Teases New Summer Release, “Kiss Me”

WJSN | moonROK

Image courtesy of Starship Entertainment


Cosmic Girls, or WJSN, are back with a mysterious new teaser image for what seems to be a fun, summer track titled “Kiss Me” set to drop on July 14th.

The bright teaser image features bubble letters of the group’s name and new single inside of their heart shaped logo which has been turned into a swimming pool.

WJSN just released “Happy Moment” last month which is the girls’ first full-length album, and are already coming back with what according to speculation, seems to be a song for a CF (Commercial Film).

Check out the image above and stick around moonROK for more information on WJSN’s new single as well as other updates on all of your favorite Kpop artists and idols.



Source: WJSN Official

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