WIN’s Team B to Star in Survival Show ‘Mix and Match’

Although Team B was very popular on the survival show “WIN,” Team A ultimately prevailed and debuted as WINNER. But now, Team B will be back on TV competing in a new survival show “Mix and Match,” with the objective of debuting as YG’s newest group. It is slated to premiere after “Show Me the Money 3” on September 11th.

Originally, the program was expected to air in mid-July but was delayed due to compromising circumstances. The members of Team B during the “WIN” show, B.I,  Bobby, Kim Jinhwan, Gu Junhee, Kim Donghyuk, Song Yunhyung and 3 other trainees will appear on “Mix & Match”

One insider stated, “Like the title ‘mix & match,’ the participants will be mixed and matched into different teams.”

On the other hand, WINNER debuted on the 12th with ‘2014 S/S’ and is currently promoting the title tracks “Empty” and “Color Ring.” Following the release, they have risen to first place on the charts and have already made their first music broadcast win on Mnet’s M!Countdown.


Source: Sports Donga

Courtesy of YG Entertainment
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