Wheesung Announces 3rd Duet Project, ‘Like There’s Nothing Wrong’

Wheesung‘s duet project, “DUET PROJECT” NO.3  “Like There’s Nothing Wrong”

After Wheesung and Bumkey’s  “How Much Is Your Love” and Wheesung and Geeks’s “Let’s Just Be Friends,” and Wheesung’s 3rd WS Duet Project will be released this Friday at noon via various music sites.

Wheesung’s “WS Duet” Project has been getting the attention of listeners as Korea’s top national musicians collaborate with him on this project. This time, Wheesung will be working with Korea’s representative female vocalist, Ali, creating a warm winter ballad for the couples.

WS DUET Project’s third song, “Like There’s Nothing Wrong,” features the mesmerizing harmony of Korea’s national soul vocalist, Wheesung, and Ali. The winter ballad was born out of the collaboration between Wheesung, Choi Hee-jun (the songwriter), and Hwang Seung-chan, and shows off the much-loved ballad style so characteristic of Wheesung.

With a soft sound balanced between the acoustic and electric, “Like There’s Nothing Wrong,” tells a story of a couple reuniting after parting like there is nothing wrong and beginning to love again.

Meanwhile, Wheesung is handling a busy schedule with his national solo concert “2014 WHEESHOW” and the musical “Zorro.”


Source: YMC Entertainment

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