Wheesung and Ailee to Release ‘Kiss’ Duet

It was recently announced that Wheesung will be releasing a duet project album containing collaborations with multiple artists.

So far, the collaborations that have ben announced are Wheesung and Bumkey‘s “How Much is You Love,” Wheesung and Geeks’ “Let’s Just Be Friends,” and Wheesung and Ali’s “As If Nothing Happened.”

Wheesung’s fourth song in his duet project features a sweet harmony with Ailee, who not only boasts exceptional singing skills but also a powerful performance on stage.

Titled “Kiss,” Wheesung and Ailee’s song was written by Wheesung and composed by the composer Kim Taewan. “Kiss” is a neo-soul song in medium tempo that expresses a conversation filled with love between a man and a woman.

Balanced out with the soft sound of the Rhodes piano and the heavy but buoyant hip-hop rhythm, “Kiss” evokes the feeling of neo-soul, with its simple but groovy rhythm underneath the piano sound, and harmoniously fuses with the refreshing melody.

On MBC’s Lunar New Year Special “Singer Trainee” in 2011, Wheesung and Ailee attracted the viewer’s attentions with their spectacular duet of Usher’s “My Boo.” Since then, both have displayed their strength and ability as producer and singer through the songs, “Heaven” and “Singing Got Better,” and have drawn anticipation and excitement from fans for what synergy their next duet song “Kiss” will produce.


Source: YMC Entertainment

Image courtesy of YMC Entertainment
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