Wanna One Announces August 7th Debut Date

Wanna One | moonROK

Image courtesy of Mnet


It has been confirmed that Produce 101 Season 2‘s final project group, Wanna One, will be making their official debut on August 7th of this year.

The eleven members chosen by the nation’s producers, or the general Korean public, will be hosting their first event as a group and releasing a mini album to kick off their promotions. Wanna One’s “Premier Show-Con” is an event that will take on the format of a concert and showcase, with special stages and performances planned for fans. Additionally, the event will take place at Gocheok Sky Dome, which is a rare and commendable feat for a debut performance.

Following their official debut on August 7th, the group’s promotions will begin full-force, and are expected to be welcomed with the public’s enthusiasm. More details regarding Wanna One’s mini album and debut will be released soon, so make sure to stick around moonROK for more updates on the group.



Source: Sports Chosun

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