VIXX’s N to Appear on SBS Drama ‘Family Outing’

VIXX member N will appear on a weekend drama “Family Outing.”

An SBS representative stated on the 21st that, “N is confirmed to appear on the SBS weekend drama “Family Outing,” and is preparing for the shoot. After his appearance on “Hotel King,” this will be his second appearance in a drama series.

In the story, N will play a character with his real name, Cha Hakyeon. He is the problem-solver of an eccentric family, as well as a detective that embraces their hurt. He is amiable, cute, and stylish, and a young man who has the genial smile of a child. His character also bears the important role of finding out the grandmother’s identity and tracking her inheritance. Girl’s Day’s Sojin, who plays a divorcee, is planned to work together on the show with N. “Family Outing” will be N’s second drama appearance since the MBC weekend drama “Hotel King” that ended last July. N is garnering much attention, as his role in the upcoming drama is one of great importance.

“Family Outing” follows a family’s reconciliation and growth through the struggle surrounding an inheritance of 9.5 million dollars, which the grandmother character brought back with her after her first return in 50 years. Ju Dong Min is the director and Kim Shin Hye is the writer.

“Family Outing” will be the follow-up program after “Modern Farmer,” and premieres in December. 


Source: Ilgan Sports

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