Urban Zakapa Releases Simple Yet Dramatic MV for ‘I Don’t Love You’

Vocal trio Urban Zakapa is back with a tear-jerking single.

The group has just released the music video for “I Don’t Love You,” a ballad whose lyrics express the complexity of relationships and love.

In Urban Zakapa’s new music video, a couple sits and happily eats dinner, seemingly in love despite the fact that the lyrics to the song repeat the words “I Don’t Love You.”

The couple seems to be enjoying themselves when they see another couple at the table behind them fighting. After the short distraction the couple’s meal ends with a proposal, which is happily accepted.

As the now engaged couple embraces each other, the man makes eye contact with a beautiful vixen of a woman at the bar, who shoots him a sly smile.

The music video and the song in combination are a haunting image of relationship complacency — not worth the fight and misery of breaking up, but maybe not happy enough to stay faithful.

Check out Urban Zakapa’s dramatic new music video for “I Don’t Love You” below, and be sure to stick around MoonROK for more updates on your favorite Kpop artists and idols.


Source: 1theK

All visual and audio media courtesy of 1theK
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