UPDATED: Yoo Ara and Yoonjo to Leave Hello Venus

It has just been announced that Yoo Ara and Yoonjo will be leaving Hello Venus, taking the group from six to four.

On July 31, their entertainment company announced, “The companies Fantagio and Pledis along with Trisel Media agreed not to proceed with Hello Venus as a joint project, as they see the members progressing in different directions.”

Yoo Ara and Yoonjo have plans to return to Pledis to pursue future promotional activities there. Meanwhile, Alice, Nara, Lime, and Yooyoung will remain at Fantagio as the group Hello Venus.

Entertainment representatives continued: “Fantagio and Pledis led Hello Venus with passion and commitment and are deeply thankful to each member. We will continue to applaud each member as they pursue various positions within the entertainment field, and promise that their capabilities will continue to develop and fully unfold moving forward.”

Furthermore, representatives stated, “Yoo Ara and Yoonjo are leaving to pursue new musical projects and activities, while Alice, Nara, Lime, and Yooyoung will remain together as a team for future activities.”

The representative continued, “We give our deepest apologies to the fans who we suddently sprung this news on. Though the members are progressing in their own directions and reorganizing, we hope that you will continue to support all six of them.”

moonROK hopes that each of the members of Hello Venus will continue to find success in the future.


Source: Star News


Image courtesy of Star News
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