UPDATED: SM and Amoeba Culture Make Official Statements on Sulli and Choiza’s Relationship, SM Clarifies Allegations of Sulli Leaving f(x)

SM Entertainment has just made an official statement regarding the allegations swirling around Sulli and Choiza’s “Super Moon” date.

Just now, an SM representative has stated, “Sulli and Choiza are in a committed relationship to each other.”

Earlier today, Korean news outlet Dispatch released a report including proof shots of Sulli and Choiza on a date. Below is the English translation of the article:

On August 10th, a “Super Moon” lit up Seoul, and many people showed up at Namsan Tower to moonwatch. In the crowd were familiar faces, recognizable despite being covered with masks–they were Choiza (34 years old) and Sulli (20 years old). They were “rumored” to be dating, but were enjoying a date. Dispatch captured the scene.

August 10th was when the Super Moon brightened the night sky. On the path toward Namsan Tower, Choiza and Sulli were wearing matching sportswear and masks as they walked together.

They were faces that could not be hidden under masks. Sulli’s beauty especially shone brighter than the Super Moon. Her slim figure and Choiza’s height were noticeable.

It rained into the evening in Seoul that day. The roads were moist, so Choiza was holding Sulli’s hand tightly to prevent her from falling. He was also half a step behind her on the stairs and holding Sulli’s water bottle for her.

The two were still wary. They let go of their hands and maintained a distance between them when there was a crowd; therefore, many people did not recognize them as Choiza and Sulli. The two looked happy–they were good companions for each other. Choiza was considerate and Sulli was charming. The two enjoyed their date.

The Super Moon date did not end there. They visited a drive-in theatre in Namsan in Choiza’s Land Rover Discovery. “The Pirates,” which happens to be Sulli’s debut movie as an actress, was playing. Choiza and Sulli both must have been curious how the film turned out. 

During the Super Moon, the night was over 30% brighter than usual. The two viewed the film in the most comfortable spot, under the brightest moon–isnt that romantic?

Choiza and Sulli’s relationship was revealed to the world in September last year. They were discovered near Seoul Forest, where Choiza’s studio is. At that time, the two denied that they were dating and stated that they were simply acquaintances. According to a source who knows the two well, something was starting to develop between them at that time; it was a stage in which they did not fully know their feelings for each other. It was a time when they understood each other was a nice person but did not want to set anything in stone. Then they carefully continued their relationship. Then, last June, Choiza lost his wallet. In it was a sticker photo of the two, which made public and brought the spotlight again to their relationship.

However, they could not admit to their relationship–Sulli was to make a comeback with f(x) and Choiza was to become active again as part of Dynamic Duo. Then, their respective company rules came before their own position. During that time, the chasm between Sulli and SM deepend; the conflict was exacerbated because of the “repackage” album. A problem arose during the decision process for the second single, and Sulli wanted to quit the group. To Sulli, Choiza was a hill she could rest on, for he was always by her side. He supported her and cheered her on. Therefore, the “Choilli” couple became the great encouragement to each other.

Despite what the Dispatch article says about Sulli leaving f(x), SM Entertainment clarified, “The information related to Sulli leaving f(x) is all unfounded.”

So far these are the only facts that have been confirmed by SM Entertainment so far. Amoeba has yet to make a statement, but if they do, moonROK will have all the details.


UPDATE: Choiza himself, through his entertainment company, Amoeba Culture‘s official website, has just followed SM Entertainment and released an official statement on the recent reports of Sulli and Choiza’s relationship.

Through Amoeba Culture, Choiza has just stated, “The two developed crushes on each other and have been carefully growing their relationship since, we hope that you will please watch over them well.”

His statement continues, “Because I saw her struggle and become hurt due to the mean comments and rumors, I didn’t want to become another source of pain because of our relationship, and decided it wasn’t right to stay quiet.”


Source: DispatchMyDaily, and OSEN

Image courtesy of Dispatch
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