[UPDATED] Luhan Files Law Suit Against SM Entertainment, SM Responds with Official Statement

It has just been reported that earlier today EXO member Luhan filed a law suit against SM Entertainment.

On the 10th of October, Luhan filed a petition for the cancellation of his contract and discussed the legality of the move with the Seoul District Courts.

Earlier this year in May, EXO-M Kris also filed for a similar nullification of contract. The fact that a similar case exists is sure to help Luhan’s case as they continue the proceedings.

To determine the legality of the nullification petition, the defendant and plaintiff must both research the original document, checking for any inconsistencies or breaches of contract. If the court rules in favor of the nullification appeal, SM Entertainment will lose all rights, past, present, and future, over Luhan.



SM Entertainment has made a statement about the situation.

An SM Entertainment representative released the following statement:

We found out today about Luhan’s decision via the law firm. Since we had discussed both his health issues and wanting to focus on solo and Chinese promotions instead of EXO promotions with him, we are confused by his sudden wish for contract nullification.

Just like with Kris, we were given no warning or reason before the lawsuit was filed. This is a recurring pattern, where an artist will join a group and actively promote, gathering fame and fans, and then once they have made these gains, they do not fulfill their half of the contract and instead question the legality of the contract before the court. They then gather support and partner with strong foreign backing and plan their resignation. It seems that there is someone behind the scenes pulling strings.

In regard to these kind of situations, our agency plans to take action along with our overseas and Chinese partners as well as legal experts.

EXO will continue with their schedules as planned.


Source: OSEN, MyDaily

Image courtesy of SM Entertainment
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  1. KathMalvar 7 years ago
    tssss..so it’s Luhan’s fault?? duh? what else to expect from u SM -_-
  2. ArdiniFitria 7 years ago
  3. Krys723 7 years ago
    I know Luhan released a statement so where’s his at on here?

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