UPDATED (again): SM Continues to Reveal More ‘Red Light’ Teasers of Sulli

SM Entertainment has just released f(x) Sulli‘s first teaser picture for “Red Light” – check it out above! The grainy black-and-white picture is just as grungy in concept as Krystal’s was, so it looks like a darker, more mature concept is in order for f(x) this time around.

Yesterday SM released 13 pictures of Krystal, so moonROK will be on the lookout for more from Sulli tonight – stay tuned for updates!


UPDATE: More teaser photos have been released just now, take a look!


Source: f(x) Official Facebook

Image courtesy of S.M. Entertainment
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  1. ot94ever 7 years ago
    There’s at least 2 other pics on http://fx.smtown.com/Intro you should put those up, too, lol!
  2. LavelyShai 7 years ago
    They’re being released every hour so you’ll be updating a lot lol

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