[UPDATE] J.Tune Camp Denies That Seungho’s Attacker is an Employee, Seungho Will Not Press Charges

Just now, reports are surfacing that MBLAQ member Seungho was attacked by one of his entertainment agency’s directors at approximately 3:10am KST at a bar in Sinsa-dong, Seoul.

According to these reports, the J.Tune Camp employee has been booked without detention.

Apparently, Seungho called the police to report that the agency director hit the MBLAQ member over the head with a glass cup at the bar. However, during the police investigation, Seungho admitted that he was slapped, rather than struck with the glass.

J.Tune camp has just made a statement on the issue saying, “We are currently unable to reach Seungho or the director. We have not heard anything prior to these articles. The managers also don’t know anything about this. We will check into it and make an official statement.”

Stay tuned as this story continues to break.


[UPDATE] The Gangnam police have just made an official statement on the matter. A representative from the police station stated, “We have examined both sides. Because the victim does not want to press charges, we are weighing whether or not to investigate further.”

J.Tune Camp has also made a statement regarding the incident, saying, “After hearing about Seungho’s incident from an external source, we looked into it and have confirmed that the person drinking with Seungho was an employee that left the company a year ago.”

So, while it seems true that Seungho’s attacker is not currently an employee, he did work at J.Tune Camp a year ago.


moonROK will keep you updated as this story continues to break.


Source: News1 KoreaEverday EconomyYTNStar News

Image courtesy of J.Tune Camp
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