Untouchable Release Steamy MV for ‘TAKE OUT’ Featuring Mayson the Soul

Untouchable – the duo with “hip hop with sensitivity” – has just released their music video for their new song “TAKE OUT,” and according to TS Entertainment, the video has received an X rating. The music video for “TAKE OUT” was deemed unsuitable for young adults in the recent broadcaster review for its frank and blunt content.

The “TAKE OUT” music video shows the members of Untouchable in a gym, café, and bar trying to win a woman’s love, which is in line with their lyrics. The images in the video are sexy and crisp, rather than suggestive, and are fitting for the hot summer season; yet, the video received an X rating.

The song and music video for “TAKE OUT” will be available for the public via various music websites on June 24th at noon. Untouchable is making a comeback with their single album “TAKE OUT,” with the namesake song as its title song, 7 months after their 4th mini album, “VAIN.”

“TAKE OUT” wittily expresses the sentiments of a man who has fallen in love at first sight. Another song in the album called “Irony” sings about the shock from seeing a past lover with her new boyfriend. For the first time since his debut, Sleepy has participated in the album as a vocalist rather than a rapper.

Check out the music video below and stay tuned to moonROK for more updates on your favorite idols and artists!


Source: TS Entertainment and our partners at eDaily

All visual and audio media courtesy of TS Entertainment
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