UNIQ’s Chinese Manager Under Investigation for Embezzlement

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Visual media courtesy of Yuehua Entertainment


Five member boy group UNIQ’s manager in China is currently under investigation for embezzlement charges.

UNIQ’s agency Yuehua Entertainment made an official statement regarding the situation, stating, “UNIQ’s manager in China, Hong Tianyun, used his position to illegally appropriate company assets, and after becoming certain of our suspicions of his illegal activity, we have reported him to the authorities to be investigated by the law.”

Meanwhile, the Chinese magazine Sohu reported that UNIQ member Yibo’s Chinese manager was being investigated for the embezzlement of around 170 million Korean won, which is over $140,000 USD.

UNIQ is a five member group with two Korean members, Seungyeon and Sungjoo, and three Chinese members, Yibo, Wenhan, and Yixuan. Member Yibo especially has been gaining a lot of popularity in China for his appearance on the talk show program “Day Day Up” as an MC.

Source: TV Report

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