Uee Makes Official Statement Concerning Reports of Relationship with TVXQ Member Yunho

Just now, reports are surfacing speculating that Afterschool member Uee and TVXQ member Yunho are in a relationship. According to these reports, Uee was apparently spotted attending Yunho’s graduation ceremony from his army recruitment training center.

A Pledis Entertainment representative has just made an official statement on the matter, saying, “It’s true that Uee attended Yunho’s recruitment training center graduation ceremony. They do not have any special relationship, she just went to support him as a good friend.”

The representative continued, “She knew that a lot of other people would be there. If the two were in a relationship, that would’ve been a risky situation for them.”

Yunho started his army training in late July, and will now be enlisting full time.


Source: Korea Economy TV

Image courtesy of Korea Economy TV
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  1. PeaceofMind05 6 years ago
    I could see them being in a relationship. They look good together but even as friends is fine. It’s nice that she went to support him.

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