TWICE Takes Home Biggest Award of Night 1 of the Golden Disc Awards

Image courtesy of JTBC

Tonight marked the first of the two-night Golden Disc Awards, and after much pomp and circumstance, TWICE walked away the winners.

The group took home the only Daesang (or “big award”) of Night 1, the “Digital Daesang,” substantiating their popularity and their recognizing their hugely successful year.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK and Bolbbalgan4 took home the highly coveted “Rookie of the Year” awards, indicating great things to come from the two female groups.

The Golden Disc Awards are essentially the Korean equivalent of the Grammy Awards, and taking home a Daesang is no small feat. Night 2 of the GDAs takes place tomorrow and features a lineup including Bangtan Boys, EXO, AOA, and many more.

Night 2 will also see the biggest awards of the ceremony given out, including the three highest honors a Kpop idol can hope to achieve: “Artist of the Year,” “Album of the Year,” and “Song of the Year.”

Congratulations to TWICE on their success on Night 1 of the Golden Disc Awards, and be sure to stick around moonROK for updates on Night 2 tomorrow.


Source: JTBC

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