TWICE Sells Out Pre-Order for ‘Page 2’ Album

TWICE hasn’t even dropped their new album yet and it’s already sold out.

Apparently, the group’s new album “Page 2” has already sold all 30,000 copies of pre-ordered albums on all of Korea’s music sites.

A JYP Entertainment representative has just made a statement on the matter, saying, “We ordered 30,000 albums, we had no idea the response would be this good. We too are shocked.”

The representative continued, “We really could not anticipate how fast the digital volume would go. We are thankful for the fans’ reaction.”

TWICE’s new album “Page 2” isn’t set to drop for another 10 days, and if you were looking to pre-order, you are out of luck because the albums have all been bought.

Looks like we’ll all have to count down the days to the April 25 release of TWICE’s new album together, so be sure to stick around MoonROK for updates.


Source: OSEN

Image courtesy of OSEN
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