Three Members of iKON Confirmed on YG’s ‘MIX&MATCH’

Bobby, B.I, and Kim Jinhwan have all just been confirmed as members of YG‘s future group, iKON.

On the second episode of “MIX&MATCH,” which aired on the 18th, Yang Hyun Suk announced that after evaluating the group of 8, he had decided to add one more person into the survival contest, and that only 7 of the 9 contestants would make it into the group iKON.

Yang stated, “Out of the six [Team B members], three of you have been confirmed for iKON,” as he went on to announce that those three were Bobby, B.I, and Jinhwan.

Congratulations to the three new members of iKON, and good luck to the remaining contestants.


Source: Xsports News

Image courtesy of YG Entertainment
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