Tae Jin-ah Releases ‘Love Ballad’ Album

Tae Jin-ah’s new album “Love Ballad” has been released!

In light of the new year, Tae Jin-ah has released a new album showing the coexistence of the “new” and “nostalgia.” At noon on the 10th, Tae Jin-ah announced his new album through the main domestic music sites and offline markets.

Written and composed by Tae Jin-ah, the new song “Love Ballad” pulls at the heartstrings of the difficult and sad reality of the people living in modern times. Tae Jin-ah presents a new charismatic style where his husky voice blends with his folksy shouting/singing method.

Containing twenty of Tae Jin-ah’s masterpiece hits such as “Okgyungee,” “Companion,” and “Love Is Not For Everyone,” this new album “Love Ballad” is one that fuses the charm of the new and past nostalgia.

Starting off by filming for KBS1TV’s “Open Concert” on December 9, Tae Jin-ah is planning to participate in various promotional activities for his new album in television and radio. 


Source: YMC Entertainment

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