T.O.P Tests Positive for Marijuana, Currently Being Prosecuted

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It has just been revealed by the Seoul police that T.O.P has tested positive for marijuana use.

After receiving a drug test, the BIGBANG member’s hair tested positive for marijuana.

According to the test results, T.O.P smoked marijuana in October of last year, before enlisting in the military in February of this year.

Currently, the test results are unclear as to whether T.O.P was a habitual marijuana user or if it was a one-time offense, but either way he is being prosecuted by the Seoul police for violating Korea’s narcotics laws.

T.O.P is currently serving in the Public Relations Office of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency as a part of his mandatory army service as a male Korean citizen.

This is not BIGBANG’s first run-in with the law when it comes to marijuana use, as member G-Dragon has also tested positive for the drug in the past.

As T.O.P is currently serving in the army and the offense occurred before his enlistment, it is currently undecided as to how his sentence will be dealt with, but the police have turned over the case to the prosecutor’s office.

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YG Entertainment has just made a brief statement acknowledging the reports of T.O.P testing positive for marijuana, saying, “We are currently looking in to the situation.” YG will likely make a more detailed statement in the coming hours, so be sure to stay tuned.



New details surrounding T.O.P’s marijuana investigation have just been revealed via his official police report. According to the report, T.O.P smoked marijuana a total of three times sometime between the dates of October 9th and 12th, 2016 at his house in Yongsan with a female in her twenties.

The police report shows that T.O.P initially denied the allegations, saying, “I didn’t smoke marijuana, it was just an electronic cigarette.” However, the female that he smoked with confessed to using marijuana during that time.

A representative from the police station made a statement regarding T.O.P’s punishment for the crime, saying, “When the prosecution office completes their evaluation, we will decide on his punishment.”

Meanwhile, the female who confessed to smoking marijuana with T.O.P has been arrested on charges of additional drug use.



YG Entertainment has just made an official statement regarding T.O.P’s marijuana usage. Below is the full translation of the apology that has just been issued:

“Hello, this is YG Entertainment.

First and foremost, we would like to convey our deepest, most sincere apologies.

After looking into the matter, our company has found that as stated by the media reports and the police, Choi Seunghyun (T.O.P) was charged on suspicion of smoking marijuana before enlisting in the military, and has cooperated in earnest with the investigation. During the investigation, he admitted to most of the charges, and is deeply reflecting on his actions.

Again, we are sorry for causing so many people to worry.”



Police have just confirmed the identity of the female T.O.P smoked marijuana with. According to the police, the woman is Han Seohee, a contestant from the 2012 season of the popular TV program The Birth of a Great Star. According to the police, Han Seohee confessed to smoking marijuana with T.O.P three times between the dates of October 9th – 12th, 2016.

Han Seohee came under investigation by the police in March and confessed to the crime. Following her confession, the police tested T.O.P’s hair, which showed positive for marijuana.


Source: Channel A, News 1, Sports Chosun, Daum, Sports World

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  1. TOP101 5 years ago

    Naww hope TOP gets through this… 💜

  2. Someone 5 years ago

    Nah fuck off, it’s under Korean Law NOT America, he broke the law. Being a BB member doesn’t justify his crime, and I hope he doesn’t go off with this because of his money. Park Bom career was over the moment it was confirmed she smuggled drugs, so is it ok for a male boygroup member to go away with this when a female gets witch-hunted until her career is pretty much over? NO.

    ~~~Prosecute him well! 🙂

  3. Chiri 4 years ago

    Idiot, i’m not surprised.
    He probably thought it would make him more interesting, the guy basically spends his time acting like he is some kind of sophisticated art genius.
    At the end he is just a drug addict with too much arrogance and money while surrounded by people used to shield him.
    Hopefully he will get a reality check and learn a valuable lesson : no matter how much money you have you are not above the law.

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