T-ARA’s Agency to Debut a New Girl Group

T-ARA’s agency MBK Entertainment has plans to debut a new girl group in the first half of 2015. It has been a while since they’ve introduced a new group, after having debuted T-ARA and 5dolls. And so, they have been secretly preparing for the new girl group’s debut. The members’ pretty and innocent images have caught the eyes of the public.

On the 6th, OSEN received exclusive photos of members Hee-hyeon, Eun-jin and Min-hyeon who show off both a pure and sexy charm, which has got the public even more curious about the rest of the members. Aside from these photos, no other information has been revealed, not even the name of the group or the number of members. However, this new girl group will supposedly be completely different from T-ARA and bring fresh, new music to the K-pop scene.

Meanwhile, MBK Entertainment also has plans to debut a boy band, a vocal group, as well as push T-ARA solo promotions.


Source: OSEN

Courtesy of MBK Entertainment
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