T-ARA’s Agency CCM in the Process of Shutting Down, To Be Reborn as MBK Entertainment

Core Contents Media’s CEO Kim Gwangsoo to leave for a fresh start.

Core Contents Media has recently started the process of changing their name to MBK Entertainment. MBK Entertainment has filed as a corporation and plans to internally shut down what is now Core Contents Media. T-ARA, Son Ho-jun, and the other singers and actors will sign again under MBK Entertainment.

T-ARA recently signed a fifty hundred million dollar deal with Chinese agency Long Jun under the name of MBK Entertainment as opposed to using Core Contents Media. The company has announced a “rebirth” stance internally to continue to attract large scale investors despite the uneasiness surrounding CEO Kim’s prosecution investigation.

Meanwhile, T-ARA recently attended a signing ceremony in front of press in Beijing. Some of the Greater Chinese region artists signed to Long Jun, such as Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, and A-mei held a small concert at the event. This marks Long Jun’s first time signing a Korean girl group to their company. T-ARA has signed a one million yuan contract (about $16 million USD.)

Core Contents Media was first established under the name Mnet Media in 2007. They represent artists such as T-ARA, Kim Gyuri, Ha Seok-jin, Hyoyoung, Speed, etc.


Source: Ilgan Sports

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