T-ARA Wraps Up 15-Month Long Tour in China

After more than a year, T-ARA is finally wrapping up their Chinese tour.

Since June of 2015 the group has been traveling the country on their “T-ARA GREAT CHINA TOUR CONCERT,” and according to MBK Entertainment, T-ARA’s Shanghai stop this past weekend was their last.

T-ARA kicked off the tour in Nanjing last June, traveling to Beijing in July, Hefei in October, Guangzhou in December, and continuing the tour since.

T-ARA has been extremely popular in China since the release of “Little Apple” featuring the Chopstick Brothers, a remake of a famous Chinese song.

The tour’s end comes shortly after the news that China would be cutting down on the importation of Kpop content for political reasons, leading many to wonder if the whole THAAD situation is what has brought the tour to an end. Then again, T-ARA has been on the road for 15 months, so one can hardly say that they’re cutting the tour short.

Either way, it looks like T-ARA will finally be returning to Korea following a successful and quite extensive Chinese tour.


Source: Star News

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